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Don Milne

Don started in the industry, employed by Ansett Airlines of South Australia. When the airline ceased operations Don maintained the travel agency, and is now the owner/manager of Whyalla Travel & Cruise.
During his career, Don has travelled extensively, including to the United Kingdom and Europe, Asia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada and South Africa. Cruising is also a favourite, having sailed thought the Pacific, Asia, and Canada. And of course, we can’t forget Australia - Don has explored every state and territory, and experienced the highlights of our vast country.
"My most memorable experience would have to be travelling throughout the game reserves of Africa, and coming up close to the wild animals in their own environment."
There’s a world of experiences out there, let Whyalla Travel & Cruise take you there.


Bill Heron

I started working in travel in 1992 at R&M World Travel, which later became a franchise of the Ansett Australia owned Traveland group, and then part of the Jetset/Travelworld. It is now Whyalla Travel & Cruise.
Favourite Destinations
Canada, Switzerland, The Rhine & Danube Rivers of Europe, New Zealand and Norfolk Island.
Travelled to...
USA, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Japan, China, Malaysia (Borneo), Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Qatar (Doha), India, New Zealand, Norfolk Island as well as every state of Australia!              
Memorable travel experiences
  • Cruising on the QE2 in 2000. The most amazing trip of my life, 7 days & nights on the wild and beautiful Atlantic Ocean in a force 9 gale onboard the mighty QE2, from Southampton to New York. 1 day out of New York the ship sounded its Siren and briefly shut down engines as we passed over the watery grave of RMS Titanic. Flowers were removed from the Restaurant tables and thrown into the wind to float over the position of the world’s most famous maritime disaster.  
  • Touring through the Black Forest of Germany and into picture postcard Switzerland is pretty hard to beat. Every picture you take could go straight into a travel brochure. For breathtaking scenery, you can’t go far wrong in New Zealand, especially the Southern Alps of the beautiful South Island. Only one other country can top that and that is Canada and their Rocky Mountains.  Be prepared to have your breath taken away at every point of the journey as you cross what has to be in my opinion the most perfectly sculptured and landscaped piece of Planet Earth.
  • If you ever have the chance to take a European River Cruise, do so. You will not regret the experience. If time and finances permit take the entire journey from Amsterdam to Budapest, just a wonderful and very comfortable way to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of Europe. Unpack once and enjoy! 
Recent Travel

In August 2017, I travelled to Qatar and spent some time exploring the city of Doha and its surrounds.


Vivienne Burgess 

I have been in the travel industry for eight years.
Favourite Destinations
Singapore and Egypt.
Travelled to...
Bali, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, New Zealand, Mauritius, Malaysia, Egypt, Singapore, Nevada in the USA and cruised the Pacific.              
Memorable travel experiences
  • My Auntie used to travel the world and bring us back souveniers, and I decided I wanted to follow in her footstops! 
  • Honestly, my favourite thing I love to do is jump in the car and travel around the countryside and stop to take photos. 
  • Sitting on Clarke Quay in Singapore eating chicken wings and drinking Singapore Slings. It’s a clean place and I would feel comfortable travelling there by myself. The decorations at Christmas time on Orchard Road are amazing, and I love heading to the Art/Science Museum to see what exhibition is on show. 
  • The most memorable experience would have to be travelling to Egypt with my two children and riding donkeys along the Nile up to the Valley of the Kings to visit the tomb of King Rameses IV. It’s hard to believe that after all this time the colours in the tomb are still so vivid.

Melissa Frick 

Melissa handles the majority of clerical and administration functions within the agency. She also assists with domestic reservations, and passenger check-in for Regional Express flights at Whyalla Airport.

Melissa's travel experiences have been mainly limited to domestic Australian destinations, but she has also enjoyed a holiday to Bali and a Pacific cruise. 

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